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WASHINGTON ? Communist and anarchist groups may be planning to disrupt the inaugural and possibly commit violence, according to research by Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid.  AIM is urging that immediate press attention be focused on the Workers World Party (WWP), a communist group operating through several front organizations, and the so-called Anarchist Resistance.  Both groups are extremely active in “counter-inaugural” activities. 

The WWP has had a “violent orientation,” according to a congressional study of the group, while Anarchist Resistance vows to “bring anarchy to the streets of DC?make resistance visible, and ring in the next four years with a smash!”  It has advised its members to get on the parade route early in the morning.  In 2001, the group claims, “we smashed a secret service check point.”

The group advises its members to understand the details of “state security planning,” including road closings and security checkpoints for the inaugural and to “blend in with the crowds” by taking “careful consideration concerning ones wardrobe.”

Plans for possible disruptions and violence at this year’s inaugural have largely escaped the attention of The Washington Post, the major daily in the nation’s capital, which insisted in a January 15 story by Joel Achenbach that anti-Bush activities planned by “some liberals and radicals and ultra-leftists” are intended to be “polite.”

It appears that rulings by a Clinton-appointed federal judge, Gladys Kessler, have so intimidated federal and local agencies in Washington, D.C. that the protesters this year are being given unprecedented access to the inaugural parade route so that their “civil rights” may be protected. But will the President, his family and Bush supporters be protected from the radicals and communists? 

However, Accuracy in Media has documented how the Post has a pattern of failing to tell its readers and the public about the foreign and communist connections of the A.N.S.W.E.R. and IAC activists. In a postcard campaign to Post publisher Bo Jones, AIM members said, “Your newspaper seems to have a blind spot on communist activities in America.”

AIM Editor Cliff Kincaid is available for interviews about communist and radical plans to protest and possibly disrupt the inauguration.  Kincaid has covered several WWP-sponsored “anti-war” protests in Washington, D.C. and has documented how news organizations have ignored the foreign, communist, and terrorist connections of WWP leaders.

To schedule an interview with AIM Editor Cliff Kincaid, contact Anne Tyrrell at (703)739-5920 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Read the associated Special Report here.

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