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“Media Reform” event promotes government control of speech

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2008 – Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid, the only
conservative media analyst reporting from the far-left “National Conference for
Media Reform” in Minneapolis, is warning that “media reform” is a cover for
“unleashing the powers of the federal government on those who use television
and radio to resist and challenge the liberal-left agenda.”

will be carried forward in the name of media ‘fairness,’ the ‘public interest,’
stopping ‘media consolidation,’ Internet ‘neutrality,’ and stopping harmful
‘hate speech,’” Kincaid says. “But it will leave the First Amendment in tatters
and the federal government in control, and conservatives will have to resort to
using the mostly liberal courts to get their rights back. Make no mistake –
this is what they mean by ‘change.’”

columns can be found at and he will
be filing more dispatches about the bizarre happenings at the “progressive”

editor is the co-author of the AIM-published book, The Death of Talk Radio?, which examines the history and possible
return of the so-called federal Fairness Doctrine.  The concern about “hate speech,” which was
defined at the conference as criticism of illegal aliens, will be used to
justify federal interference in programming, Kincaid revealed.  But it is only one tactic they will use, he

initial stories, filed from Minneapolis, identified the main participants in
this movement as including two FCC commissioners, liberal Democratic members of
the House and Senate, and liberal media figures such as Bill Moyers. The “media
reform” movement has been funded by controversial left-wing billionaire George
Soros, he notes, and masquerades under the misleading name of the “Free

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