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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid said today that one of the leaders of the group organizing Saturday’s “anti-war” rally in Washington has posted an article urging “solidarity” with the “Iraqi fighters” and “resistance” killing American troops and innocent civilians in Iraq. This shows, Kincaid said, that the “anti-war” protest has been unmasked by one of its own leaders as a pro-war organization that seeks to kill those struggling for freedom and democracy in Iraq and around the world.

The article, “Iraqi resistance earns world’s respect,” is posted on the web site of the Workers World Party (WWP) and is written by John Catalinotto, a WWP veteran who also represents International ANSWER, the WWP front that is organizing and sponsoring the Saturday protest.

The Workers World Party is an openly communist organization sympathetic to regimes such as those in Cuba and North Korea.

The Catalinotto article states that it is appropriate “that the U.S. anti-war movement, especially the serious opponents of imperialism, think of the Iraqi resistance as an important ally?The duty of the movement here is to join the struggle to make the continued U.S. occupation of Iraq impossible and to do this in solidarity with the Iraqi sisters and brothers who have stopped the empire in its tracks.”

Kincaid said he was tipped off about the article by Herbert Romerstein, a former government investigator into communist strategy and tactics who produced a 1974 congressional study, “The Workers World Party and its Front Organizations,” examining how the organization manipulated innocent people into supporting communist regimes and Arab terrorism.

Romerstein told Kincaid that the Catalinotto article reveals the real intentions of the protest organizers. “They’ve finally come out in the open,” he said. “They’ve pretended to be for peace. But they’re really a solidarity group for Al Qaeda and the terrorists in Iraq. The Marxist-Leninists and the Islamic fundamentalists are now allied against the United States.”

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