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WASHINGTON — Accuracy in Media (AIM) pointed out today that the Bush Administration’s new “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq” says that the enemy seeks to weaken U.S. resolve through “use of the media to spread propaganda and intimidate adversaries.”

“The terrorists are using our own media against the cause of freedom and democracy in Iraq. Their clear objective is to demoralize the American side and convince the public that Iraq is a losing cause,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “Is it any wonder that it’s now being reported that military officials responded to this terrorist media campaign by paying for positive stories out of Iraq?” 

Citing the findings of a recent Pew Research Center survey, Kincaid said that, “Our own media are part of the problem and standing in the way of a military victory.” The survey found that 71 percent of the news media oppose U.S. military action in Iraq, compared to only 43 percent of the public at large. Forty-eight percent of the public supported military action in Iraq but only 28 percent of the media did so.

Kincaid explained, “Most of the major U.S. media have decided that the war was a mistake, and their negative coverage reflects that view. Everything we see, read and hear has to be viewed in that context. They want the U.S. to withdraw and fail.”

But what do the troops think? Kincaid noted that NBC News reporter Jim Maceda recently spent some time with our troops in Iraq and they “blame reporters for what they see as a one-sided picture, saying that we tend to emphasize the violence and the death and under-report all the positive steps Iraq is taking.”

“Our troops weren’t paid to say that,” noted Kincaid. “That’s the general view of U.S. forces in Iraq. They despise the U.S. media.”

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