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Is Bill Maher the Jane Fonda of the Iraq War?

WASHINGTON ? Bill Maher recently declared that the US was facing a military recruiting crisis because we had already picked enough “low-lying Lynndie England fruit,” a reference to the soldier on trial for abusing Iraqi prisoners, and were in need of “warm bodies” for the front lines.

“We are a nation at war, explained Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media (AIM).  “Our ability to win this war depends on having a military that can fight and win.  When a media personality, even one as obscure as Maher, demeans our service personnel with unfair charges and dishonest stereotypes, he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

This issue was picked up by The Orlando Sentinel and a controversy emerged.  Maher issued a statement saying he has the “highest regard for the men and women serving this country.”

“That statement is known as damage control,” said Kincaid.  “But the damage has been done.  This should finish off Maher’s career.”

“Maher is quickly developing a reputation as the Jane Fonda of the Iraq War,” said Kincaid.  “Except that Maher hasn’t traveled to Iraq to join the ranks of the terrorists.”

“Maher should take his own advice about getting personally involved in the war effort and place his own life on the line by going to Iraq to face some of the ‘low-lying fruit.’  Perhaps he’s afraid of getting picked up with the terrorists and being sent to Abu Ghraib.”

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