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WASHINGTON, DC — Accuracy in Media (AIM) today urged a congressional inquiry into how Hollywood has come under the influence of radical Islam.

“This issue strikes us as being just as important as an Arab-based firm managing some terminals at U.S. seaports.” declared AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “Hollywood’s deleterious influence on our nation — and the world — can certainly be construed as a national security issue.”

Kincaid pointed to the films “Munich” and “Syriana,” which are up for Academy Awards on March 5, as examples of how Hollywood is whitewashing the threat posed by Islamic terrorists. “Munich” depicts murderous Palestinian terrorists as ordinary and thoughtful human beings, while “Syriana” suggests U.S. foreign policy is responsible for provoking terrorist violence. Another film, “Paradise Now,” which is also up for an Academy Award, glorifies would-be suicide bombers.

“The port controversy is a legitimate issue,” said Kincaid. “But Hollywood and our major media have been under radical Arab influence for quite some time.” He noted that the 2002 film, “The Sum of All Fears,” which was the movie version of the Tom Clancy book, replaced the Arab terrorist villains with neo-Nazis so as not to offend the Council on American Islamic Relations.  The Fox network responded to complaints about its popular series “24” depicting Muslims in America secretly plotting terrorism by running public service announcements portraying American Muslims as moderate and peaceful.

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