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WASHINGTON — Accuracy in Media drew attention today to the fact that environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is featured in a Sunday night Fox News Channel (FNC) program on global warming,2933,174956,00.html as a “special correspondent,” has denounced the cable channel and other “right-wing media” for misinforming the American people.

In a speech delivered at the Sierra Summit 2005, Kennedy denounced FNC for being part of “a negligent and indolent media and press in this country which has absolutely let down American democracy.” Asked to explain why people believe inaccurate information about current events, Kennedy said, “It’s because you’re watching Fox News and listening to Rush.”

AIM editor Cliff Kincaid commented, “It looks like FNC has lost its way in the battle for viewers. Should we believe the Robert Kennedy Jr. who was a critic of Fox News? Or should we believe the Robert Kennedy who is now a special correspondent of Fox News? Whatever the answer, the credibility of Fox News suffers.”

The Kennedy speech denouncing Fox and other “right-wing media” was made at the Sierra Summit, held in September in San Francisco. “He was denouncing Fox while working on the FNC global warming program,” noted Kincaid. “It looks like Fox has been used by one of its chief critics to advance his radical environmental agenda. It’s a sad day for this once-conservative network. FNC won’t please anyone with this decision. It will lose more viewers as a result.”

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