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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) said today that Congress should eliminate the $400 million a year that is spent on public broadcasting in order to free up federal money to pay for hurricane relief.

“At a time when some of our fellow citizens have lost everything and are in desperate need of federal assistance, it makes complete sense for Congress to find some of the money by eliminating taxpayer subsidies for public TV and radio,” declared AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. Over a ten-year period, the savings could produce $5.6 billion for hurricane victims.

“The liberal media have run numerous stories about how the hurricane aftermath has exposed divisions between rich and poor in American society,” noted Kincaid. “But the test of the media’s compassion will be seen in whether journalists give time and attention to proposals to take care of the poor by terminating subsidies for unnecessary federal programs such as public broadcasting.” 

In what has been dubbed, “Operation Offset,” the 110 member Republican Study Committee has offered a long list of proposed spending cuts to compensate for the billions of dollars the federal government will need in reconstructing the gulf coast since Katrina. One offset is an end to federal funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

Kincaid hailed the Republican Study Committee for proposing this option. The report says that, even without the federal money, public TV and radio could survive by tapping into other financial sources.

“The relief and reconstruction effort in New Orleans, Biloxi, and elsewhere along the gulf coast is an example of appropriate spending by the federal government,” said Kincaid.  “Americans need the help.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting does not.” 

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