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WASHINGTON—Citing a video of a “medical marijuana” activist saying he uses dope to “get high” and have fun, Accuracy in Media (AIM) challenged the media today to admit the existence of documentary evidence that the “medical marijuana” movement is a fraud that exploits sick people.

The video footage, posted at the website, shows Ed Rosenthal of High Times magazine speaking to dozens of marijuana activists. “With all the talk about medical marijuana, I have to tell you that I also use marijuana medically (laughter),” he says. “I have a latent glaucoma, which has never been diagnosed (more laughter).  And the reason why it has never been diagnosed is because I’ve been treating it (laughter)?But there is a reason why I do use it. And that is because I like to get high. (cheers, applause). Marijuana is fun.”

The video, which also features other controversial comments by activists in the drug field, was provided to AIM by Steven Steiner, who runs the anti-George Soros web site,, and the DAMMADD (Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers) organization. Steiner is available at 607-687-4151 ext.100. “AIM conducted our own investigation of the video and the comments reported on it,” said AIM Editor Cliff Kincaid. “The comments in the video are authentic and shocking. We will be releasing the results of our investigation in a column posted on our web site”

Accuracy In Media (AIM) is a non-profit, grassroots citizens watchdog of the news media that critiques botched and bungled news stories and sets the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage.

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