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WASHINGTON, March 12, 2009—Congressman Lamar Smith, a Republican representing the 21st District of Texas, called for more accountability from the national media, particularly The New York Times, in an exclusive column posted at

“After years of biased reporting — reaching a new low with the most one-sided coverage of a presidential campaign in history last year — The New York Times has lost its credibility.  But rather than try to restore it, the Times continues to lose credibility by serving as a cheerleader for President Obama’s administration,” Congressman Smith wrote.

He cited a recent New York Times article asserting that President Obama enjoyed “broad support” and “remarkably high levels of optimism and confidence” among American voters.  By contrast, a Gallup poll released the same day characterized the president’s job approval rating as “typical of how the last several presidents have fared at the one-month mark.”  The Gallup poll also revealed that Obama’s disapproval rating had doubled in just one month.

“Americans need the media to be objective reporters on these issues, not cheerleaders,” Smith said.

Congressman Smith offered solutions for concerned citizens to combat media bias: “We can start by calling on the Times and other national media outlets to adhere to the highest standards of their journalistic profession by reporting the news objectively and fairly.  We can single out examples of bias and ask for better coverage.  We can encourage the media to give the American people the facts and then let them make up their own minds.  And, when appropriate, we can let our voices be heard by changing viewing habits or canceling subscriptions.”

“We must make the media’s responsibility part of the public dialogue.  Holding them accountable will go a long way towards providing the balance in the news that our nation needs and deserves,” he concluded.

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