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Washington, DC — Accuracy in Media (AIM), the media watchdog group that has just released a new documentary on the threat posed by Al-Jazeera International, is voicing alarm over reports that “journalists” associated with the new Arab government-funded TV channel arrived near the U.S.-Canada border last week. 

“This is the second time that Al-Jazeera has attempted to visit an area close to an unsecured U.S. border,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “Citizens should report the presence of Al-Jazeera to the proper authorities.” 

The Al-Jazeera visit to Crosby, North Dakota, prompted inquiries from the local Sheriff and U.S. Border Patrol. The local paper, the Crosby Journal, quoted a Border Patrol official as asking, “What is the interest of an Arab news organization in Crosby, North Dakota?” It reported that Sheriff Lauren Throntvei “said the hairs on the back of his neck stood up when he heard they were in town.”

The Al-Jazeera International delegation claimed to be doing a positive story about the people of northwestern North Dakota. However, Al-Jazeera International is not yet on the air and may not be up and running until the fall. 

The paper said that a U.S. Border Patrol agent asked for the names of the Al-Jazeera journalists, whether they had been near the border, and their stated motivations. The agent “said there were potential international implications to the journalists’ visit, on which he could not elaborate.”

The Minutemen group previously denounced an attempt by Al-Jazeera to visit the U.S.-Mexico border area as a “recon” operation to benefit those who want to illegally enter the U.S. A Minuteman spokesman called Al-Jazeera a “terrorist TV station.”  

The AIM film, “Terror Television: The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate America Media,” examines Al-Jazeera’s links to anti-American violence and terrorism. More information is available at

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