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WASHINGTON, December 13, 2007 — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
and its affiliated group, the “Hate Hurts America” campaign, are
backing away from claims about some companies dropping their advertising
from “The Savage Nation” radio show featuring Michael Savage. While
CAIR may have been inflating its success, Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor
Cliff Kincaid is warning the public not to think that CAIR is abandoning
its campaign to muzzle its talk radio critics. In fact, Kincaid says,
the campaign is expanding. 

“The public needs to understand the
central fact that CAIR is continuing to drive companies away from the
show,” Kincaid said. In fact, he noted, the “Hate Hurts America”
organization is now threatening to publish “a list of the names of
top businesses” that support Savage’s show and to deploy protesters
in front of those businesses. 

“We should anticipate that CAIR will
continue its campaign until its liberal allies capture the White House
and the Federal Communications Commission and attempt to use the power
of the federal government to silence its critics in talk radio,” the
AIM editor added. 

In a news release, AIM had urged people to contact the companies
“which have been identified as dropping advertisements from The Savage
Nation radio program.” Those identifications had been made by CAIR
and “Hate Hurts America,” but some of the businesses have been quoted
as saying they did not bow to any pressure from CAIR to withdraw advertising
from the show. Kincaid said that the companies should set the record
straight publicly with official statements about the controversy.  

AIM recently published a book, The
Death of Talk Radio?
, on the campaign to silence conservative talk
radio hosts. Ordering information and a TV ad about the book can be
found at

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