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WASHINGTON—In connection with recent reports that President Bush authorized domestic spying in alleged violation of the law, Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid said today that the media are ignoring the fact that President Clinton exercised presidential authority under far more controversial circumstances on behalf of Muslim terrorists.

Kincaid declared, “If the issue is presidential power, it must be pointed out that President Clinton in 1999 waged a war without Congressional approval against Serbia, a part of the country of Yugoslavia, which was ruled by a communist, Slobodan Milosevic, but which posed absolutely no military threat to the U.S. Clinton’s military intervention put the U.S. (and NATO) effectively on the side of Muslim terrorists in the Kosovo Liberation Army. Many Christian Serbs in Kosovo have since fled this province of Serbia, which is now under U.N. administration, and have seen their churches and homes destroyed.” 

To those in the media pointing to Bush’s use of presidential power as alarming or even scandalous, Kincaid said that the historical record shows that Clinton used executive orders and presidential directives in the war on Serbia to designate a “war zone,” call up troops, proclaim a “national emergency,” and impose economic sanctions.  Under this self-designated authority, Clinton even delegated command-and-control of U.S. forces to NATO and its then-Secretary-General Javier Solana.” 

“By contrast,” Kincaid added, “President Bush received approval from Congress after 9/11 for waging a war on global Islamic terrorism and the war in Iraq. Bush is using the same kind of presidential power against the Islamist terrorists that Clinton used on their behalf. But the media in general supported Clinton’s actions.”

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