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WASHINGTON, October 21, 2008—As The New
York Times
increasingly comes under fire for an October 18 story that
delved into Cindy McCain’s personal life, a prominent critic of the paper is
calling for a boycott of what he terms “America’s newspaper of wretched.”  Don Feder, the editor of the Boycott The New York Times website, says the lengths that The Times went to in order to “trash” Mrs.
McCain is further proof of a relentless pro-Obama bias at the newspaper.

low will The New York Times go to
trash John McCain and his wife Cindy? Think the bellies of snakes – lower than
which you cannot go,” writes Feder in an article posted
October 20 at  He adds, “We
will wait in vain for The Times to
unleash its investigative pit bulls on the personal lives of Barack and
Michelle Obama.”

that the story focused on Cindy McCain’s previously reported, past addiction to
painkillers, Feder takes The Times to
task for neglecting to probe certain aspects of Barack Obama’s drug use, such
as “1. Who supplied Obama with drugs when he was an addict? 2. What substances
did he use besides cocaine? 3. When did his addiction end?”

about a recent editorial in which The
accuses the McCain campaign of “entering the dark territory of racism
and xenophobia,” – but offering no evidence to support the charge – Feder says McCain could legitimately have made an issue of Obama’s 19-year association
with anti-American demagogue Jeremiah Wright, “but has thus far refrained from
doing so, for fear of inciting racial passions.”

declares, “As the campaign winds down to the last two weeks, The Times becomes increasingly reckless
in its charges and biased in its reporting.”

About Boycott The
New York Times

The New York Times is a project of
Accuracy in Media (AIM), the nation’s oldest media watchdog group. AIM was
founded in 1969 by a group of concerned citizens led by economist Reed Irvine.
AIM is dedicated to correcting media inaccuracies and one-sided news coverage. For
more information, please visit and

About Don Feder:

Feder is the editor of Boycott The New
York Times
. For 19 years, Feder was a Boston Herald editorial writer and syndicated
political columnist. Feder has appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity and
Colmes,” “Politically Incorrect,” “The 700 Club,”  “Focus On The Family” and “Fox & Friends.”
His columns have been read on the air by Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura and Michael

To arrange an interview with Don Feder, contact Sarah
Schaerr Norton at (202) 364-4401 ext. 107 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



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