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Boycott NYT: Media Bias Reached New Lows in 2008 Campaign

WASHINGTON, October 28, 2008—On the release of an October 22 Pew Research Center
survey that found 70% of Americans think the media favors Senator Obama over
Senator McCain, Boycott The New York
editor Don Feder noted that media bias reached new lows in this

bad as The New York Times has been before,
it’s nothing compared to the way the paper has managed, manipulated and mangled
coverage of the 2008 campaign,” Feder observed. “Not a day goes by that The Times doesn’t misrepresent John
McCain, ridicule Sarah Palin, refuse to report a revelation that reflects badly
on the Obama-Biden campaign, or rationalize Obama’s radical past.”

Pew study found that only 9% of voters think the media favors John McCain, in
contrast to 70% who believe journalists favor Barack Obama. At this point in
the 2004 campaign, a Pew survey found that 50% of Americans thought the press
favored John Kerry, compared with 22% who thought it preferred George W. Bush.

study of media coverage of the candidates in the six weeks following the
nominating conventions, by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, showed
four times as many negative stories about McCain as about Obama.

further notes that according to a Rasmussen report earlier this year, only 24%
of Americans have a favorable opinion of The
New York Times
, “making the paper almost as popular as trial lawyers.”

calls Times editorial page editor Andrew
Rosenthal’s recent claim – in a speech to the Association of National
Advertisers – that the paper aims to ensure opinion and news are kept separate
– “stand-up comedy at its most hilarious.”

commentary at Boycott NYT.com is available here [1].

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About Don Feder:

Don Feder is the editor of Boycott The New York
. A former Boston Herald editorial writer and syndicated political
columnist, Feder has appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity and
Colmes,” “The 700 Club,” and “Fox & Friends.”

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