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Bolton Under Media Attack for Resisting U.N. Push for Global Taxes

WASHINGTON ? Accuracy in Media today accused U.N. supporters and the media of orchestrating a campaign to force the Bush Administration to go along with a pro-world government agenda at next month’s “World Summit” in New York.  As part of the campaign, major media organizations are depicting new U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton as someone obstructing the “progress” of the international community because he is objecting to portions of a proposed summit document. 

“What the media have carefully concealed,” explains Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid, “is the fact that the proposed summit document would put the U.S. on record in support of global taxes on the American people.” Kincaid said that a French proposal, targeted for elimination by Bolton, would impose an international tax on airline travel.

The main players in the new anti-Bolton campaign are the pro-world government World Federalists, the Open Society Policy Center of billionaire George Soros, and Ted Turner’s Better World Campaign.  In terms of media, Reuters news service, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have already opened fire on Bolton.  Most recently, Arianna Huffington and Steven Clemons of the New America Foundation have joined the campaign, urging the State Department to bypass Bolton and give in to U.N. demands that the U.S. commit to hundreds of billions of dollars in new foreign aid spending. 

Negotiations on the document are scheduled to resume Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. “All signs point to a propaganda blitz on behalf of the U.N. over the next several days as negotiations on the summit document intensify,” said Kincaid. He added, “It’s unfortunate that the major media have reporters at the U.N. who are either too lazy or too liberal to inform the American people that the document proposes to loot the American taxpayer through a global tax. They would rather beat up on Bolton than tell the truth about the U.N. agenda.”

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