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Al Gore Defends Dan Rather; AIM Says Former VP Gives Asinine Speech on Media

WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) said today that former Democratic Vice President Al Gore made a fool of himself in a speech on Wednesday by claiming that Dan Rather was “forced out of his anchor job after angering the White House?”

AIM editor Cliff Kincaid declared, “Gore, who is starting his own TV network, has demonstrated an inability to comprehend reality. He seems not to have noticed that Dan Rather destroyed his own credibility, in the “Rathergate” or “Memogate” scandal, by using fraudulent documents on the air to smear the president. Rather stepped down because he humiliated himself and CBS News. Gore seems to be excusing Rather’s sleazy conduct and blaming the White House for the network’s media malpractice.” 

Gore, speaking at a media conference, praised Rather and quoted him as saying that television news has been “dumbed down and tarted up.”

“Ironically,” Kincaid continued, “Gore’s false statement proves the truth of what he quoted Rather as saying. The news certainly has been ‘dumbed down,’ to the extent that Rather thought he could get away with using forged documents on the air. Gore should criticize, rather than praise and quote, the former CBS Evening News anchorman. This wasn’t very smart on Gore’s part.” 

At the same time, Gore declared in his speech that Jon Stewart, host of the fake news program, “The Daily Show,” on Comedy Central, was “brilliant.”

“It looks like Gore prefers fake news to real news,” said Kincaid.

Gore, a budding media magnate, made his criticisms of the media while insisting that he and his partner Joel Hyatt were creating a new “independently owned news and information network” by the name of Current TV.

“Let’s hope,” Kincaid said, “that they have fact-checkers better than those who reviewed Gore’s speech.”

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