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WASHINGTON ? Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid charged today that The Washington Post and its top investigative reporter, Bob Woodward, have been caught obstructing justice and concealing information in the CIA leak case. “The new disclosures demonstrate that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald conducted a flawed investigation that did not get to the true facts of the case,” Kincaid said. “It appears Fitzgerald was used and manipulated by the CIA and the press.” 

Woodward has revealed for the first time that he was told by an official in mid-June 2003 that Wilson’s wife was a CIA analyst, and that her affiliation did not appear to be either classified or sensitive. This was before Robert Novak published information about her CIA identity and an investigation was launched into the disclosure. Woodward said he provided this information to the grand jury in the CIA leak case on November 14—just two days ago—and that he testified that “according to my understanding an analyst in the CIA is not normally an undercover position.” What’s more, Woodward said that he was contacted by Fitzgerald about providing this testimony after the official went to the Special Prosecutor and disclosed his conversation with Woodward. Woodward, however, said he has not been authorized to publicly name the official who gave him this information.

“If her CIA affiliation was not sensitive or classified and if she was not undercover, then the CIA’s request for an investigation of the Novak disclosure was based on a false premise,” said Kincaid. “If it turns out that Woodward’s source was a CIA official, then the CIA request for an investigation looks even more suspicious. In any case, Woodward’s failure to come forward with this evidence ? until Fitzgerald confronted him and demanded the testimony ? amounts to obstruction of justice.”

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