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WASHINGTON — Accuracy in Media said today that The Washington Post Company, which owns Newsweek, should compensate the victims of the violence caused by Newsweek‘s “Koran-in-the-toilet” story and help pay for the rebuilding of the properties that were destroyed. Jawed Ludin, spokesman for the president of Afghanistan, has declared that Newsweek was “responsible for recent violent demonstrations, killing several people and damaging public and private properties.”

The New York Times reported that, in one city alone, at least a dozen buildings were ransacked and burned, including the governor’s office, several government buildings, the United Nations mission compound, and a number of offices belonging to aid groups.

Spokesman Ludin did not say whether the Afghan government would sue the magazine or ask for compensation, but AIM editor Cliff Kincaid noted that the Post Company is a rich corporation, with a market value of $8.5 billion and 2004 operating revenue of $3.3 billion.  “Newsweek‘s parent company, headed by Donald E. Graham, should make a generous offer to compensate the families of the victims of the violence,” said Kincaid. “It should also pay to rebuild or repair the properties that were damaged or destroyed in the Newsweek-inspired riots. This goodwill gesture would help show that the Newsweek correction, apology and retraction are sincere.”

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