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WASHINGTON ? Accuracy in Media (AIM) editor Cliff Kincaid said today that the Bush Administration’s proposed cuts in the budget for public broadcasting are a good first step but that complete de-funding must be the ultimate goal. “Spending on public broadcasting qualifies as pork,” said Kincaid. “It represents members of Congress returning money to their districts, in the form of grants to local public TV and radio stations. In this age of new media, with plenty of alternatives, there is no justification for spending $400 million a year on public TV and radio. This is pork just as much as those earmarks in the highway bill.”
As part of the inflated spending, Kincaid noted that Kevin Klose, president of National Public Radio, makes $377,000 a year, while PBS president Pat Mitchell makes $540,000. “This rip-off must end,” Kincaid said.

Reports indicate that the Bush Administration wants to cut $53.5 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in 2007 and $50 million in 2008. Kincaid said. “We need all of the $400 million a year eliminated.”

Kincaid warned public broadcasting and its TV and radio affiliates not to lobby against the proposed cuts, as they have done in the past. “It’s against the law to use federal dollars to lobby the federal government,” he noted.

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