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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid disclosed today that a false ad running on CNN against Judge John Roberts is sponsored by a group funded by CNN founder Ted Turner, creating a serious conflict of interest for the news network.

“The Ted Turner connection to the group sponsoring the ad may explain why it’s being aired,” said Kincaid, “and why CNN is disregarding evidence that the ad is blatantly false.” 

The ad, accusing Roberts of endorsing anti-abortion terrorism, is from the group known as NARAL Pro-Choice America, a pro-abortion group.  Public information shows that the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation received more than $1.4 million in 2003 from Ted Turner’s private foundation.

Ted Turner, founder of CNN, is a board member of Time Warner, CNN’s parent company.

The ad, denounced as false by the nonpartisan, has been defended by CNN as “advocacy advertising” from a “responsible group” that will be “fact checked and debated” on CNN programs.

A CNN statement says that, in order for viewers to “further research the claims being made within the ads, the messages must identify the name of the sponsoring organizations, usually by displaying a website address.”

“But will CNN identify the ads as coming from a group funded by its founder?” asked Kincaid. “Will CNN tell the full truth about its own connection to this so-called responsible group?”

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