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AIM Says McClellan Is Wrong One To Leave White House Press Briefings

WASHINGTON, DC — Reacting to news that White House press secretary Scott McClellan is resigning, AIM editor Cliff Kincaid said today that obnoxious members of the White House press corps such as David Gregory of NBC News and columnist Helen Thomas should leave as well.  In fact, AIM is currently conducting a postcard campaign to McClellan, telling him:

“When NBC News reporter David Gregory called you a ‘jerk,’ millions of Americans realized how rude and obnoxious the White House press corps can be. You maintained your cool while Gregory engaged in what John Gizzi of Human Events called classless behavior and bad manners.  Like a student who acts up in class and has to be punished by the teacher, we suggest that you  move people like Gregory to the back of the press room — or out of the room entirely — when they make a spectacle of themselves or engage in an unbecoming feeding frenzy. The American people would salute you!”

Kincaid said he hopes McClellan’s replacement will get tough with the White House press corps and put an end to their bad manners and obnoxious behavior. “Rude reporters should get the boot,” Kincaid said.

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