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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) said today that Judith Miller’s release from jail in the CIA leak investigation demonstrates that her claim about protecting sources was fraudulent from the start.

“Miller has decided to cooperate with a grand jury investigation of possible criminal activity in the CIA leak case,” said AIM Editor Cliff Kincaid. “This proves that her decision to go to jail, rather than testify, was a ploy all along.”

Kincaid explained, “She could have avoided jail by testifying truthfully about her knowledge of possible criminal activity in the CIA case. In fact, as AIM has always maintained, she had a duty and obligation to testify, like any other citizen in a criminal case. Despite her release from jail, nothing has changed. The waiver from her source, freeing her from a promise of confidentiality, has been available for a year, even before she went to jail. Her decision to leave jail proves that her incarceration was a publicity stunt designed to make her into a First Amendment martyr. Either she got tired of prison food or wants to get to work on a best-seller about her incarceration. The public should not be fooled.”

Kincaid also said the spectacle of Miller being jailed and then released shows that a federal shield law to protect media sources is not necessary. “All she had to do to stay out of jail was to tell the truth,” said Kincaid. “Is that too much to ask?”

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