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WASHINGTON—The pro-world government group known as Citizens for Global Solutions has given campaign contributions to four Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee now opposing John Bolton’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. In addition, according to Accuracy in Media (AIM), billionaire currency manipulator George Soros made financial contributions to six of eight Democratic members of the committee.

“Reporters like to say they ‘follow the money’ in political stories,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid, “but they’ve ignored the financial facts that may help explain why liberals on the Foreign Relations Committee are opposing Bolton.”

AIM’s review of Federal Election Commission (FEC) data shows that a political action committee associated with Citizens for Global Solutions contributed financially to Foreign Relations Committee members Senators Barbara Boxer, Christopher Dodd, Russell Feingold, and Barack Obama. Citizens for Global Solutions used to be known as the World Federalist Association (WFA), a group that favors world government and global taxes on American citizens to pay for it. The organization, which is leading the opposition to Bolton through television ads and a “Stop Bolton” web site, also contributed to the Republican committee chairman Senator Richard Lugar, who declined to issue a statement of support for Bolton when his nomination was announced. 

Two groups explicitly associated with George Soros ? the Open Society Policy Center and the American Progress Action Fund— are working with Citizens for Global Solutions to defeat Bolton. Soros, who spent $23 million in an effort to defeat President Bush’s re-election, made financial contributions to six of eight Democratic members of the Foreign Relations Committee ? Senators Obama, Boxer, and Bill Nelson, Joe Biden, Paul Sarbanes, and John Kerry.

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