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Washington DC – Accuracy in Media (AIM) said today that conservative media have erroneously reported that Bush Supreme Court pick Harriet Miers is on record supporting the establishment of the International Criminal Court and homosexual adoptions.

“There’s no evidence for the charge,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. He added that alleged “documents” supposedly proving that Miers has taken those positions have been seriously distorted by WorldNetDaily and other outlets.

Kincaid said that columnist Robert Novak has also been caught promoting the misinformation. In a column appearing today in the Chicago Sun-Times, Novak writes that Miers was “chairwoman of a panel that recommended legalization of gay adoption and establishment of an International Criminal Court.”  In fact, Kincaid said, Miers was the chair of a panel that merely passed along recommendations from various American Bar Association (ABA) entities for consideration by the ABA membership. There’s no evidence that she put her personal stamp of approval on those controversial positions.

Kincaid’s column on the matter is posted at

Kincaid said that AIM believes that the conservative media have every right ? even an obligation ? to subject Miers’ record to scrutiny. But the effort, he said, must be undertaken with careful consideration and attention to the actual facts of the case. 

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