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WASHINGTON ? In a “Style” section story today, The Washington Post reporter Hanna Rosin writes about a Howard Phillips-Alan Keyes news conference promoting Judge Roy Moore for the Supreme Court. Phillips has a “fleshy face and eyebrows that look like a tangle of weeds,” she writes, while Keyes has “intense eyes” and “smooth skin.”  They are “celebrities of the political fringe” participating in a “circus,” Rosin reports.

“No wonder they call it the Washington Compost,” declared Cliff Kincaid, editor of Accuracy in Media. 

“This is the kind of ‘journalism’ we have come to expect from The Post,” said Kincaid. “Rather than cover a news conference objectively, Rosin makes fun of the participants, even denigrating their looks. I have asked Rosin to email me a photo so that I can write a story about her looks. We may post it on our web site so that others may comment as well.”

Post chairman Don Graham may find this kind of coverage amusing,” Kincaid said, “but it is another sorry indication that the paper has degenerated into something worse than a supermarket tabloid. Graham should tame the performers in his own circus. Conservatives are not laughing, except at Rosin.”   

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