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AIM Release – PBS: Re-Educating America’s Schoolchildren

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2012Accuracy in Media [1]’s Center for Investigative Journalism, in conjunction with Accuracy in Academia [2], released a special report [3] demonstrating the level of left wing and “social justice”-driven bias found in the Corporation of Public Broadcasting’s “educational programming.”

“For the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, providing course syllabi, teacher certification, and other materials to schools serves a dual purpose: it justifies the continuation of taxpayer subsidies for Public Broadcasting while inculcating millions of schoolchildren – a captive audience – with their programming and ideological messages,” AIM [1] special report authors Mary Grabar and Tina Trent argue.

Accuracy in Academia (AIA [2]) Executive Director Mal Kline explained the necessity for the investigation today.

“While much of Accuracy in Academia’s work is focused on bias in higher education, it’s important that parents and taxpayers keep a watchful eye on what is being fed to their children before college,” Kline said. “Students are significantly more susceptible to radical, un-balanced ideas in University when subsidized indoctrination begins at an early age.”

The complete special report can be found here [3].

Mary Grabar teaches in the English department at Emory University and writes frequently about education, and cultural and political issues, for the Weekly Standard, Minding the Campus, Townhall, PJ Media, Roll Call, Big Government, America’s Survival and many others. In 2011 she founded Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc. [4], a nonprofit education reform initiative intended to “resist the re-education of America.”

Tina Trent, PhD. writes about crime policy and the media, academia, and political radicalism.  She is a researcher for The Soros Files and blogs at TinaTrent.com [5].

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View all findings and data in the AIM Special Investigative Report here [3].