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WASHINGTON – August 21, 2012 – Accuracy in Media’s Center for Investigative Journalism has just released a special report revealing front-and-center the potential problems that the Republican National Committee faces in their upcoming GOP convention in Tampa, Florida. George Soros-funded Marxists, along with members of various left-wing movements such as Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street and others are involved in a coordinated effort to undermine the convention through their protests.

AIM Special Report author Tina Trent details the coordination between the ACLU and the previously mentioned left-wing groups in trying to disrupt the GOP festivities in Tampa. She outlines how the ACLU lawyers and these groups of protestors have mounted an ongoing campaign “demanding special restraints on the police and threatening lawsuits if they don’t get their way.”

This CIJ Special Report details many other discrepancies which the mainstream media blatantly ignore in the days leading up to the Tampa GOP convention. She warns that “it is a known fact that local and federal law enforcement agencies are greatly concerned…It is important, as the Republican convention gets underway and goes forward, that the media reveal the true nature of the professional agitators coming to Tampa.”

Tina Trent, PhD. writes about crime policy and the media, academia, and political radicalism.  She is a researcher for The Soros Files and blogs at

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  • The George Soros-backed ACLU & Other Left-Wing Groups demand special restraints on police and threaten legal action if not accommodated.
  • The ACLU published a 69-page report after the 2004 GOP Convention “Rights and Wrongs at the RNC” to limit the police’s ability to keep order.
  • Other previous violent protests showed that all of the involved protestors were interconnected by their actions like fingers on a hand. All were and are accountable for the damage and violence caused on the host cities.
  • The “Occupy the RNC” handbook (or their playbook) pledges, among things, violence, not non-violence, as the mainstream media portray.
  • Tampa politicians, intimidated by the protestors, are going along with these left-wing plans.
    • Mayor Buckhorn used $57,000 to rent an empty lot, within sight of the convention center, for the protestors to use 24/7 during the convention.
  • The report lists affiliated members of the “Occupy the RNC” movement, such as the Alliance for Global Justice, Green Party of Florida, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and 19 other like-minded groups.
  • These groups are strongly anti-police and anti-law enforcement, along with many ties to the destructive 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.

View all findings and data in the AIM Special Investigative Report here.


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