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WASHINGTON, DC – On the eve of the official launch of Al-Jazeera International, Accuracy in Media has released a document identifying employees of the new Arab-funded network as members of a “Hall of Shame” because of its Arabic sister channel’s collaboration with anti-American terrorist groups, including al Qaeda. The “Hall of Shame” includes Dave Marash, formerly of ABC News; David Frost, formerly of the BBC; and many others.

Al-Jazeera International (AJI), an English-language spin-off of the Qatar-funded Al-Jazeera, has announced a global launch date of November 15, 2006, but has not yet announced any distribution deals with cable or satellite providers in the U.S.

AIM’s “Hall of Shame” special report, which includes photographs and biographical information about dozens of AJI journalists, notes that Al-Jazeera has a well-documented record of collaborating with anti-American Islamic terrorists, including the Islamic Army of Iraq, which has praised Al-Jazeera for playing an important role in “our fight against the enemies.” Although it is claimed that the new channel will be different from Al-Jazeera Arabic, both are owned by the Emir of Qatar. What’s more, three of AJI’s top four managing executives were high-level executives at Al-Jazeera Arabic.

In a live debate with AJI anchor Dave Marash, AIM editor Cliff Kincaid said, “Al-Jazeera International…is an Arab government financed news and propaganda operation,” just like its Arabic sister channel, which has been “causing these Jihadists to go to Iraq to kill our servicemen and -women…it’s a dangerous propaganda and terrorist front organization.” AIM is urging a federal review of the national security implications of AJI’s launch in the U.S., where it could reach Arab- and Muslim-Americans with incendiary, anti-American messages.

The AIM report also chronicles AIM’s efforts to keep Al-Jazeera International out of the U.S. media market, including production of the DVD, “Terror Television: The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate America Media,” and the release of a poll showing that Americans oppose the channel coming into their homes by a margin of roughly 2-to-1. The AJI “Hall of Shame” can be downloaded at

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