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AIM Editor Urges Murdoch to Clean House at WSJ

WASHINGTON, August 1, 2007—Accuracy in Media editor Cliff Kincaid said today that the Wall Street Journal’s days as a bastion of the liberal-left media may be coming to an end if Rupert Murdoch cleans house at the paper. “This will determine what kind of ‘conservative’ Murdoch really is,” Kincaid declares in a new AIM Special Report on Murdoch’s purchase of the paper. The report is available on the AIM website, http://www.aim.org [1]

He writes that, “In terms of personnel, there are reports that Murdoch has agreed not to make any significant editorial changes at the Journal. But he would do journalism a big favor if he brought some traditional conservatives to the Journal ? on its news and editorial pages ? and changed the overall direction of the paper. This would increase media diversity, something the ‘progressives’ always say they favor.”

The Kincaid report cites the case of A. Kent MacDougall, a long-time Wall Street Journal writer who developed notoriety for admitting his role as a secret socialist mole at the paper. Kincaid wonders if there are more like him at the paper. 

Not surprisingly, MacDougall, reached at his Berkeley, California, home, declared his opposition to the Journal’s sale to Murdoch. MacDougall, who continues writing about the dangers of U.S. imperialism, told Kincaid that Murdoch was too ideological to run the paper.

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