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WASHINGTON ? Accuracy in Media (AIM) today accused MSNBC of resorting to a cheap, sleazy and insensitive gimmick by running an on-screen clock that tells viewers how long it has been since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

“MSNBC has made it quite clear that the purpose of this ticking clock is to try to blame the Bush Administration for an alleged slow response to the disaster,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “This represents partisan posturing by a network that is hoping to score political points rather than help people and solve problems.”

The on-screen graphics show how many days, hours, and minutes it has been since the hurricane hit.

Kincaid said MSNBC anchor Lisa Daniels deserves special criticism for almost constantly trying to fix blame on the Bush Administration for the natural disaster.

“Even as the trucks were arriving today with emergency supplies, Daniels was complaining that it was ‘too little to late,’” noted Kincaid. “She seems to be auditioning for a blog on the Michael Moore web site. It is shameful conduct for a news anchor.”

The AIM editor said that a note of sanity was injected into the discussion when MSNBC analyst Dan Goure praised the federal government for “moving enormously quickly” in a disaster that spans 90,000 miles of U.S. territory and is characterized by massive flooding and broken roads.

Goure said that the state and local governments bear most of the blame for failing to take action to protect the city of New Orleans and that they “failed in their emergency plans.” Daniels said Goure had a “different perspective” on the problem, one that she clearly disagreed with.

“Goure probably won’t be back for any MSNBC appearances any time soon,” predicted Kincaid. 

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