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WASHINGTON—Accuracy in Media (AIM) revealed today that media conglomerate Time Warner Inc., the parent company of CNN, is helping to honor anti-Christian bigot Ted Turner with a “peace award” on Wednesday.  Turner, who ridiculed Pope John Paul II and once declared that Christianity was a religion “for losers,” founded CNN and is a board member of Time Warner. Actor Michael Douglas, named a “U.N. Messenger of Peace” by U.N. boss Kofi Annan, calls Turner a “visionary” in a letter advertising the event.

“As cardinals of the Catholic Church gather at the Vatican to choose the next pope, it is an insult to every Catholic that Time Warner would honor Ted Turner with such an award,” said AIM editor Cliff Kincaid. “But Christians in general will be offended as well, considering Turner’s shameful history of mocking the Christian religion and its principles.”

In 1999, when he told a Polish joke about Pope John Paul II, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and the Polish government demanded and got a Turner apology.  In other controversial comments, Turner has labeled the Ten Commandments “out of date,” especially the one against adultery.

Kincaid revealed that Time Warner is one of several financial sponsors of an April 20 “Peace Award” U.N. ceremony for Turner whose proceeds will go to the Gorbachev Foundation and the Global Security Institute. A member of the benefit committee of the event is Gillian Sorensen, the former Assistant Secretary-General of the U.N. who now works for the Ted Turner-funded U.N. Foundation.

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