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WASHINGTON, March 7, 2011 – Accuracy in Media announced today that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts would be making an historic mistake if he agreed to offer Al-Jazeera into millions of American homes.

“Al-Jazeera is an enemy propaganda network that has served as a mouthpiece for terrorist groups ranging from al-Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah,” said Cliff Kincaid, director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism. “Its coverage of the riots and demonstrations throughout the Middle East does not justify bringing the channel into American homes through Comcast cable systems.”

Kincaid said that Al-Jazeera’s influence over potential Muslim extremists could inspire home-grown Jihadists to commit terrorist acts against Americans.

“Al-Jazeera is not an ordinary television channel,” Kincaid noted. “It is an Arab government-funded propaganda channel that experts say is a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization behind much of the international terrorism we see in the world today.”

Accuracy in Media launched an online petition with the intention to distribute signatures to all cable network providers that enter into negotiations with the Qatar-funded channel. Kincaid also urges citizens to contact the corporate office of Comcast at 215-665-1700 and ask CEO Brian Roberts to BLOCK Al-Jazeera English.

AIM originally raised awareness on this issue in 2006 with the documentary, Terror Television: The Rise of Al-Jazeera and the Hate-America Media, and was instrumental in defeating the channel’s efforts to seek carriage in U.S. markets.

To schedule an interview with Cliff Kincaid, contact Logan Churchwell with Accuracy in Media at 202-364-4401 x107 or at

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