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From Jackie Mason’s April 29 interview with Roger Aronoff for “Take AIM,” Accuracy in Media’s show on Blog Talk Radio:

The Obama Effect

“It’s easier to insult somebody’s mother than to insult Barack Obama.”

“All the comedians are on his side. They’re all very leftist liberals. So they don’t even tell a joke about Barack Obama. They just do worshipful speeches about him. All of a sudden he became god to them. They sound like, when they refer to him, like he’s the pope. They’re afraid to mention one critical word about him. So the humor has left all the comedians, even Jay Leno.”

Jeremiah Wright

“Could you imagine if McCain went to Ku Klux Klan meetings every day for 20 years and came back saying, ‘I didn’t know what they talk about over there. How would I know what they were talking about? I wasn’t listening. I saw sheets and pillowcases, I didn’t know what it was. They said Ku Klux, I thought Ku Klux sounded like a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t know what it was. I don’t know what I did there. And I didn’t know what they were talking about.'”

“Somehow Barack Obama becomes immune from the simple common sense you would apply to any human being in the world.”

Entertainment and Politics

“A comedian’s job has to be to be funny. And while you’re being funny they’re no reason why you can’t deliver very many messages. You could delineate a really sharpened point of view with a joke a lot better sometimes than with a very severe speech.”

“When entertainers start preaching because of their political point of view, and they start fighting against the opposite because the opposite side to them disturbs them and they’re infuriated and they start attacking people and making intense opinion-making speeches, I find that obnoxious and disgusting.”

Conservatives in Hollywood

“If I was in Hollywood and I was depending on the Hollywood mentality for employment, I’m sure it would have affected me because there’s a kind of reverse McCarthyism going on in Hollywood right now.”

“If you are pronounced Republican in Hollywood right now it’s almost impossible to get a job, unless you’re Clint Eastwood. Jon Voight, he’ll tell you that he can’t get a job.”

Jews and Obama

“He hasn’t lost enough among the Jewish population. He came in with 75% of the Jewish vote and he still has 53% of the Jewish vote.”

“Isn’t it amazing how stupid the Jews are in this country? In Israel, he only has a 6% popularity rating. In most of the polls it’s only 4%. In Israel, where they know the difference, they have nothing but contempt for his attitude toward Israel. But the American Jews are so wedded to the Democratic Party and it has such a historical connection to them, that they can’t divest themselves from it.”

Why There Aren’t More Conservative Jews

“Everybody knows that since the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt the Jews have convinced themselves that the Democrats are the people for the underdog, for the underprivileged, for the suffering people of the world. And the Republicans are the party of business, and exploitation of the poor people and the working people. And that’s the image they have since Roosevelt, and they’re so indoctrinated with it for so many years that they still believe it. Somebody would think they never read a paper in 40 years the way they still believe it.”

Backlash over Jews Building Homes in Jerusalem

“It’s like saying that a Jew can’t build a home in Florida because somebody from Mexico or from Uruguay decided that he owns half of it. Or we can’t build a house in New York because somebody from Canada decided I have no right to live where I do for 10,000 years.

“If they weren’t totally anti-Semitic, they know that that’s Jewish territory, that’s Israeli territory.”

“No American president ever questioned it until Barack Obama showed up with this special connection to the Palestinians and his personal feeling for them. And he doesn’t care or think of the Jewish rights, because as far as he’s concerned the Jews don’t belong there in the first place.”

The Media & the Tea Party Movement

“You would think that you’re living in some third-world dictatorship country. You would never think you’re living in America when you hear from all the media all over this country the vulgar, unbelievable abuse of the Tea Party people.”

“They decided to make this up to prove that 20 million people are all racist because one guy who they can’t identify made a racist remark that nobody ever heard.”

“These are educated, decent, legitimate people.”

“You remember the signs when they were marching against Bush, calling him a Hitler, a murderer? And drawing pictures of him dead, hoping that he dies and even suggesting that he should be killed? There was never a complaint from these Democrats. There was never a complaint that maybe they’re going too far, that maybe it’s at least a little tasteless.”

Financial Reform

“I don’t know anything about economics and finance. But everybody I do know who knows anything about finance tells me this whole fact is preposterous and idiotic.”

“It’s very obvious that after the flop of the whole health care business that brought his popularity down by 20 points, and after he made a fool out of himself with all the lies he told about the health care business, you have to change the subject dramatically. And he had to find an issue so he made a big business out of nothing.”

“It’s basically a fantastic piece of skulduggery and fakery.”

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