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Accuracy in Media’s own Cliff Kincaid was featured in an April report on the English-language network, Russia Today, about the rise of foreign media outlets .

An excerpt from the RT story:

But while many laud the need for freedom of information abroad, others seek to have it silenced at home.

A group called America’s Survival Inc. organized a press conference entitled “Al Jazeera, Global Jihad and the Suicide of the West” at the National Press Club April 1, 2011. Speakers included…Cliff Kincaid, Lee Kaplan and Pamela Geller.

This is a very dangerous time, you must get activated,” Geller, the executive director of the Stop Islamization of America organization, told about 30 audience members. “Your children will not grow up in any world you will recognize. You will not like what comes after America.”

Geller and Kincaid denounced…Al Jazeera as “Jihad TV.”

American taxpayers are helping put Jihad TV on the air,” Kincaid said.

It’s a propaganda campaign, and right now we are at war. Would you have Goebbels broadcasting during World War II, would you have Tokyo Rose?” Geller told RT. “This is a war in the information battle space, and I think your side is doing an incredibly brilliant job. I tip my hat to you. I think we are unprepared.”

Kincaid and Geller have asked Republican Congressman Peter King (R-NY) to include RT and Al Jazeera in his highly controversial hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in America.

We think Congressman King is off to a good start with his hearings about internal security threats in the form of radical Islam. We do think it ought to be expanded to look into foreign propaganda channels like Russia Today on American soil. We’d all also like to look at Al Jazeera,” Kincaid told RT.

Kincaid and Geller’s campaign came even as Americans increasingly turn to foreign broadcasters like France 24, Al Jazeera, RT and TeleSUR for fresher views as US corporate media focus on entertainment news and punditry.

We’ve opened up these huge gaps because we’re more interested in reality TV and conflict and people bashing the president than having people on the ground finding out what the problems are. And when you do that you can produce a product that people here and around the world are going to respect,” said [Chris] Chambers.

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