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From American Family Radio:

Washington Post article painting Mitt Romney as a homophobic bully in his high school prep days demonstrates that liberal journalists are the real bullies.

Last week’s Washington Post piece delved into the life of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee from nearly half a century ago, portraying Romney as a bully to a student perceived to be involved in an alternative lifestyle.

Logan Churchwell, director of public relations and online development for Accuracy in Media (AIM), tells OneNewsNow there was no balance in the article, which “had fallen apart within hours of it being posted.” But even worse, he says, is how other organizations jumped on the bandwagon.

“You have a classic case here of where one piece of the mainstream press runs a story — it doesn’t matter how old the information is or how relevant, or even how true it is — and in perfect sync, all the other mainstream outlets will parrot that information out with very little cross-referencing or cross-checking,” Churchwell explains. “And what happens is instead of just The Washington Postbeing wrong, you see MSNBC, NBC News and a whole line of other outlets that do have a liberal bias within their reporting all being wrong all at once.”
The AIM public relations director questions the timing of the piece, as it was posted hours after President Obama announced he was in favor of same-gender “marriage” (see earlier story).

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