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From American Family Radio:

To no shock, says Logan Churchwell of Accuracy in Media (AIM), the liberal media has sensationalized the president’s decision as a historic moment. He cites ABC’s Robin Roberts “getting chills” upon hearing his words, and also the Newsweek cover proclaiming Mr. Obama as the “first gay president.”

Newsweek is probably the worst offender of that, but overall, Accuracy in Media is really not surprised at how the press is treating this news,” Churchwell admits. “Just about everything President Obama has done from a policy perspective, or even just giving lip service to an issue, has been treated like this is an historic moment. That’s what we’ve seen for the past four years, and no doubt we’re going to continue to see that.”

The AIM spokesman says the press and politics are jockeying for control of language. The example in this case, he explains, is the word “evolution”: The media and others have proclaimed that the president has completed his political evolution on same-gender “marriage.”

“You have this polarizing influence not only within the press, but also in the White House, where [the attitude conveyed is] if you’re not with us you’re against us; you’re the other,” and Churchwell says that is just once again an example of why the country is fractured on a polling level.
He concludes that the message being pushed by the media on behalf of the president is “if you do not agree with him, you are not evolved.”

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