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From American Family Radio:

Accuracy in Media (AIM) spokesman Logan Churchwell says the mainstream media is treating this problem like a non-issue, so his group decided to investigate just how bad it is. They found that a four-step process is employed, step 1 of which is the “swamping” method.

“You put as many on the roles — it doesn’t matter if they’re legitimate, it doesn’t matter if they’re living or dead or if they’re named Dallas Cowboys, which we’ve actually seen in our research,” Churchwell explains. “Once you turn those in at the last possible second, you give election officials very limited time to be able to go over each of those registrations and make sure they’re valid.”

As the left seeks fundamental structural change to the U.S. government, AIM says that faction is keeping to its “amoral, means-justifies-ends philosophy.” In step two, activists sue state authorities for “voter suppression,” which creates further chaos.

“You have activist groups like ACORN, or one of its new manifestations like Project Vote, suing state agencies, saying we’re not seeing enough voter registration,” says Churchwell. “And in step three, the Department of Justice — Eric Holder’s department — sides up with those lawsuits against states and tries to use the power of his office to get the lawsuit to go through and work their way.”

The final step, according to AIM’s spokesman, involves the “leftist echo chamber” discrediting allegations of voter fraud, supporting the “suppression” theme, and promoting advantageous legislation. The goal of this process, he explains, is to form a taxpayer-funded voting machine that guarantees maximum participation from the left and undermines the ability to manage elections and prevent fraud.

“And at some point, someone’s going to say ‘Jim Crow’ — and we’ve gotten nowhere,” the AIM spokesman concludes.
Accuracy in Media’s James Simpson writes that this is a “deliberate, premeditated, comprehensive plan” to win the 2012 presidential election — one he says is in keeping with the methods, associations, and ethics of the “Community-Organizer-in-Chief” Barack Obama.

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