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From American Family Radio:

A conservative media watchdog says it was bad form on the part of the Fox News morning show to air a video that resembles a campaign ad.

An associate producer for the network created a nearly four-minute video that was recently aired twice on the “Fox and Friends,” and Fox News has since received criticism. The video contrasts president Obama’s words with negative stats about his term in the White House.

Accuracy in Media‘s (AIM) public relations director, Logan Churchwell, says this sets a bad precedent for the network, and it only paints a larger target on the back of the “Fox and Friends” program.

“Whenever … Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, for example, wants to make fun of Fox News, however they handled a news story that day, [he] always goes to ‘Fox and Friends’ first,” Churchwell notes. “And to be proactively putting these types of work out there just makes them an even easier target for those that want to take away from Fox News, criticize them or use it as evidence for why Fox should be banned — those efforts are out there, and actions like this just only give ammunition.”

According to a Fox News executive, the video was not authorized at the network’s senior level. The AIM public relations director says handling the situation internally is the best way for Fox to move forward.

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