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From American Family Radio:

A spokesman with a media watchdog group isn’t surprised with the news that a liberal, pro-homosexual “faith” group has asked MSNBC to ban Family Research Council president Tony Perkins from the network.

The organization called “Faithful America” accuses FRC of being a “hate group” for its support of traditional marriage — and the group wants MSNBC to stop inviting Perkins to be on the air. It claims FRC has an “extensive record of hate speech against gay and lesbian Americans” based on “persistent use of bogus science and debunked research.”

The group also wanted MSNBC to run an ad it produced, criticizing the pro-family group — but the network has rejected that ad.

Logan Churchwell with Accuracy in Media tells OneNewsNow he is not surprised by the actions of Faithful America.

“This is a regular occurrence that you see in progressive groups — pushing media outlets, telling them to keep certain voices off the air,” he acknowledges. “But that’s just part of the game now.”

Faithful America cites a 2010 report from a fellow left-leaning group — the Southern Poverty Law Center — that labeled the Family Research Council and other pro-family organization as hate groups. Churchwell says such groups must be careful of falling into a trap set by liberals.

“If you look carefully, you’re going to see many times where conservatives can be branded as ‘hateful’ just as easily as saying the word,” he explains. “And what that does is put you on the defensive and you have to show ‘Oh no, I’m not hateful’ — but you’re engaging in the argument to begin with, which is a negative for you.”

The Family Research Council declined to talk about the attacks launched by Faithful America.

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