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Yahoo’s Liberal Bias: Headline Reads ‘Clinton torches Trump in first formal press conference in 278 days’

Even Yahoo News [1] noted how Hillary Clinton has been cold towards reporters and that this move was to warm relations with them. Does this mean that Hillary Clinton’s campaign must realize how bad this must look?

Hillary Clinton took yet another step on Thursday in opening up to the media: a 16-minute formal press conference during which she slammed Donald Trump for suggesting Russian President Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama.

Though the event was similar to the two “gaggles” she held on her plane with reporters earlier in the week, Clinton took the extra step Thursday of giving the media a half-hour warning before answering questions on live video at a podium on the tarmac in White Plains, N.Y. With the event, Clinton effectively ended the months-long standoff with her press corps, which led Trump to brand her “Hiding Hillary.”

…As she took questions, Clinton continued her new charm offensive with the media she had previously kept at arm’s length. She asked one reporter if he went “shopping in your closet” for a new hat. And she told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that she was “my kind of woman” for insisting on getting her question answered. “I love you Andrea…You’re indefatigable,” she said.