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There they go again. 

NBC, no stranger to
accusations of political bias, reportedly allowed a Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate to come up with the idea for
this week’s opening skit on Saturday Night Live ridiculing Sen. John McCain.

Al Franken, who last worked
for SNL 13 years ago, is running against incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) and
has contributed the maximum allowable amount to Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential

Franken thought it would be
funny to show a McCain impersonator approving ridiculous, false political ads
attacking Sen. Barack Obama.  One mock ad
suggested Obama would cut taxes for pedophiles. 
Another fake ad used racial stereotypes to attack Obama. 

Some Democrats and members of
the media have accused McCain of running negative ads, even though the nonpartisan
Wisconsin Advertising Project found that
Obama has run far more negative ads than McCain.  

The Politico, which broke the
story on Saturday, reported that
Franken’s “role in the skit also leaves the NBC network vulnerable to criticism
about the propriety of allowing a partisan candidate for high federal office to
craft a segment mocking a presidential candidate of the opposing party.”

And “word that the network’s
signature comedy show has allowed a liberal Democrat Senate candidate to shape
content mocking the Republican presidential nominee may fuel sentiment that the
network is sympathetic to the left.”

NBC and MSNBC have a history
of fueling that sentiment: 

In January, NBC
reporter Lee Cowan admitted that “it’s almost hard to remain objective” in covering Obama because of the
“infectious” energy of his campaign. 

In March, Cowan confessed
that “when NBC News first assigned me
to the Barack Obama campaign, I must confess my knees quaked a bit.”

In May, the White
House accused NBC of using “deceitful editing” to distort President Bush’s responses to
questions about Iran. 

Earlier this
month, MSNBC decided to remove two anchors from covering campaign news events, reportedly because of criticism
of their pro-Obama bias. 

Call to Action

I firmly believe that the
answer to the problem of media bias lies with the American people. The media
are central to the democratic process and I want to help the American people
become educated consumers of media and make their voices heard by holding news
outlets accountable to the highest journalistic standards.

By focusing our attention on
one media outlet per week, we can have a far greater impact in effecting
significant change.  We can make a big
difference if thousands of concerned citizens join together to show they won’t
tolerate media bias. 

To that end, if you share my
concern about NBC’s latest example of bias, please take a moment out of your
day to voice your opinion by contacting Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC
Universal, using the contact information below.     

Phone: 212-664-4444 or


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Universal City, CA 91608 

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