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MG Paul Vallely, (US Army Ret) Announces New Movement:  “Women at War for America” – Women Defending America and the Republic

LANSING, Michigan (May, 2014)- General Paul  Vallely, US Army, ret., and Chairman of Stand Up America announced the birth of an extraordinary movement, “Women at War for America,” at the MI-CPAC Freedom Summit held at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center in Lansing, MI.  The event featured nationally and internationally recognized conservatives and authors, such as Trevor Loudon, Jake Jacobs, PhD and Prof. Harry Veryser.

Gen. Vallely, Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command, and Vietnam War veteran, retired in 1993, is currently the Chairman of Stand Up America and a member of the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi. Gen. Vallely, the keynote luncheon speaker, discussed US involvement in the Middle East, and shared his unique perspective on Egypt, and its rejection of Mohammed Morsi.

After his speech, Gen. Vallely remarked how invigorated he became after conservative activist, Arleen Allen introduced him to her conservative colleagues, Lila Bradley, Karen Faett and Sharon Lollio, all of whom described various efforts to attract women to conservatism by factually demonstrating that less government regulation and lower taxes create opportunities for women and their families.

“The ‘War on Women’ is the Left and the liberal media’s latest attempt to create an ‘us v. them’ mentality among voters. When speaking to these conservative women, I recognized that they possessed the passion and conviction to combat this insidious attempt at division. It came to me then. These women would be an army, and their weapon would be truth. There is no war on these women. Instead, they would be waging the war as the Women at War…for America!” declared Gen. Vallely.

Cleta Mitchell, a high-powered Washington D.C. attorney representing Tea Party and conservative organizations targeted by the IRS, and fellow guest speaker, upon hearing of the movement, remarked, “The men in Washington will tell you how to get something done.  A woman will get it done.”

“What a privilege and honor it is to have Gen. Vallely bestow this level of confidence in us, and designate today as the beginning of a movement which will sweep the country,” said Karen Faett, President, 21st Century Women’s Alliance of Michigan, who recently appeared on Fox 2 “Let It Rip Weekend,” refuting the War on Women, calling it a fabrication by those seeking political gain.   “We are wholeheartedly committed to policies and priorities that improve the lives of all women, and look forward to working with like-minded women from across the country to improve the status of women,” stated Lila Bradley of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The first “Platoon” met with Gen. Vallely in Lansing to exchange ideas about how to carry the bold message that being united as Americans and having less government regulation benefits women and their families. Its mission is to encourage women to embrace conservative principles, and to help disseminate the truth in order to protect future generations from the dismantling of our Constitution.

To join the movement and form a “Platoon,” visit our Facebook Page, “Women at War for America.”

Contact: Karen Faett

Arleen Allen is the National Coordinator

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