Accuracy in Media


Evidently the answer to our energy crisis is not to drill for more oil, or invest in corn, or develop more hybrid vehicles.  It’s to produce more wine. 


Rebecca English of the Daily Mail reports the following:

 As part of cutting his carbon footprint, the prince has converted the
38-year-old classic car – a 21st birthday present from the Queen – to
run on 100 per cent bioethanol fuel distilled from surplus British wine.

Aides said this was partly due to the pattern of Royal trips set by
the Foreign Office. He has now doubled the target to a 25 per cent fall
in emissions by 2018.

Converting the Aston Martin played a small but symbolic role. The Prince’s chief aide Sir Michael Peat said:
‘Charles only travelled two or three hundred miles a year in the Aston
but he wanted it to be environmentally friendly. It just happened that
our bioethanol supplier makes the fuel from surplus English wine.’

The car – which is kept at Highgrove and clocks up just 300 miles a year –
averages ten miles a gallon, the equivalent of 4.5 bottles of wine for
every mile.


Brings a whole new meaning to drinking and driving. 

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