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Will the LGBT Movement Die Soon? One Writer Thinks So

Solid point by Rachel Lu, who writes for The Federalist [1]:

For all its legal victories, gender warriors have little to show for themselves with respect to the most significant of milestones. They have yet to demonstrate that their ideology can provide a foundation for stable, thriving sub-cultures of the sort that can endure. Enormous energy has been poured [2] into preventing skeptics from asking [3] the relevant questions, but that kind of subterfuge can only last for so long.

The evidence we have looks bad. A few years after Facebook gave us our 50 genders, young people flounder to explain [4] why a short white man isn’t a tall Asian woman. We can only imagine how much worse this will be ten years from now if children nationwide are aggressively drafted into the transgendered social engineering experiment.

Photo by jordanuhl7 [5] [6]