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It should not be surprising at this point (especially if you have been following AIM today) that CNN is facing serious ratings challenges. Once again, they must recalibrate their content in order to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving cable news environment. Certainly, CNN has hastily adopted various formats, gimmicks and hosts to give off the image of being edgy and modern; but they have fallen flat on their face more often than not. Remember those awkward 3-D hologram interviews? We’re not sure if they were pandering to an overlooked Star Wars fan demographic or if the A/V Department had to spend their budget or lose it. Most can hardly remember (or even knew outright) that the network once tried to compete with Jon Stewart using D.L. Hughley. Rick Sanchez’ grasp of science, math and geography will be YouTube gold for years to come. As expected, Parker Spitzer was dead on arrival.

To be fair, Piers Morgan stands a slight chance of changing CNN. Well, he hasn’t done anything to sabotage himself yet at least. Initially introduced to mainstream American audiences through Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, Morgan accepted the role of the ruthless businessman bent on winning at all costs. Whether viewers loved or hated him, he eventually won the competition and successfully raised over $250,000 for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. His efforts no doubt pulled on American heart strings.

Last night, CNN gave viewers a taste of what’s to come with Morgan at the helm. As you can see throughout the video, his true cunning to utilize social media for audience engagement will be put on full display. But the real story here deals with his comments toward Sarah Palin. Calling her “mesmerizing” and drawing similarities with President Obama’s communication skills has turned heads. It is clearly not a sentiment often shared on the channel by any means. Is this just a ploy to reach out to Tea Party viewers or will he treat guests with fairness? We will just have to tune in to find out…

Video Courtesy of CNN

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