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The question remains, what does the liberal media have to hide about the spike in anti-police officer shootings by not referencing the anti-police rhetoric of Black Lives Matter? For example, the ambush attack suspect in Dallas, Texas supported Black Lives Matter rhetoric and used it to fuel his ambush attack that killed five police officers.

But, the liberal media is not admitting what is true: Black Lives Matter rhetoric has been used to rationalize violence against police officers. A USA Today article avoids naming Black Lives Matter, for example:

An ambush is generally referred to as an attack that takes place by surprise or from a concealed position. Two other serious examples of such assaults this year include:

  • On July 7, Afghan War veteran Micah Xavier killed 5 officers and injured 9 more after ambushing police in Dallas.
  • On July 17, Gavin Eugene Long, who had an interest in black separatist issues, shot six officers, three of whom died, in Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile, NBC News noted how the rise in ambush attacks on police officers coincides with the visibility of the black American community feeling singled out by the law enforcement community. The article does not mention Black Lives Matter by name:

The 2016 rise in police officer deaths comes in the same year as highly publicized fatal police shootings of African American men drew large protests, media scrutiny and alarm from activists concerned over what they perceive to be excessive use of force by police against people of color.

TIME wrote the following about the Black Lives Matter involvement, without mentioning the activist group by name:

The rise in deaths of on-duty police officers follow racial tensions that stem from several high-profile fatal police shootings of unarmed black men.

The Washington Post said the following:

In the two years since a police officer fatally shot a black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Mo., protests against police shootings have swept the country. Officers have said they feel besieged and demonized

Officers unsettled by the protests say they have kept their guns on them at times they wouldn’t have a few years ago. After the ambush in Dallas, officers at a memorial service attended by President Obama said they monitored potential escape routes in case of attacks. Some officers, union officials and politicians have blamed the deaths of officers on what they describe as anti-police rhetoric from protesters, though leading activists involved in demonstrations have repeatedly decried violence against officers.

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