Accuracy in Media

I’ve only been living in DC for a month and a half, and I’m
quickly becoming used to stupidity abounding within the capitol of our great
nation.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the nonsense
that I heard come out of the mouth of Barack Obama last weekend in
Jacksonville, Fla.


This is what I’m talking about.



And how about this, too?

Reuters: Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear

 I don’t know who to be more disappointed with, Obama or his speech
writer(s) – if he even relied on them for this particular gem within his
oratory address.

But what I do know is that I do not feel fear when it comes
to Obama.  I feel insulted.

Insulted to think this man and/or people working for and
with him believe that I and the majority of America is weak minded enough to
let things such as those he listed within his speech keep us from supporting
him at the polls in November.

I was not aware the majority of Americans were regressing
into a pre-1960s mindset!  I thought
we’d gotten beyond that.  I do not care
what color of skin this man has.  I do
not care that his wife can be “feisty” or that his parents saw fit to give him
the middle name “Hussein.”  I repeat: I.
Do. Not. Care.

However, I DO care
about his inexperience.  This is the
same inexperience that not only shows how little time he’s been involved with
politics, but in who he picks to represent him.  When you’re forming your staff and you later have to let some of
them go because of their affiliation with certain terrorist organizations, that
to me poses a problem.  It shows either
a naïve trust or bad judgment, but either way, those are not two traits I want
to see in the leader of my country.

And I DO care that it
appears Obama votes “Not Voting” more often than not.  How is that ok?  I was
under the impression that as a senator or representative of the people who
voted to have you speak for them, those trusted with the voice of their people
back home would vote a “yes” or “no” on all matters and not just give a vote
that says, “Hey, look! I’m present, but I have no idea what the people back
home want when it comes       insert issue here        so I’m going to
just sit here, vote ‘Not Voting’ because I promised I would serve the people of
my state in the best way I could.” 

And finally, the last of my DO
when it comes to Barack H. Obama Jr. is that I DO
that he has ties to communist and socialist parties.  I’m not saying he’s guilty
through association.  I’m saying
throughout his life, he has made choices based on the people he’s surrounded
himself with and still ties himself to people of the same mindset.  It makes me raise a skeptical eyebrow when I
know Hamas dances in the streets in support of this man and when I learn he
launched his political career from the home of former (and current?) terrorists
Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

No, Barack Obama, I’m not afraid of you.  I just don’t trust you.

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