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Legal Insurrection estimated that at least fifty of George Soros-backed groups participated in the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington this past weekend:

A self-declared “life-long liberal Democrat who voted for Trump” uncovered the tangled web of the money trail for the New York Times.  Asra Q. Nomani explains that “the march really isn’t a ‘women’s march.’ It’s a march for women who are anti-Trump.   As someone who voted for Trump, I don’t feel welcome . . . .”

Part of the problem, she contends, is that the march is neither the spontaneous grassroots rallying cry for women nor the nonpartisan love-fest it was portrayed as being.  She decided to “follow the money” and discover what, if anything, that would reveal.

Some of the more notable partners were Planned Parenthood, an SEIU chapter (service employee labor union), GLAAD (a gay rights agenda group), Oxfam and Amnesty International.

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