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George W. Bush has been out of the office for two months now, but Jacob Weisberg is still obsessed with reporting the “Bushism of the Day.” Weisberg’s latest appears to mock our former president for saying that Calgary is in Canada. Last I checked, that’s exactly where it was, but Weisberg apparently knows better.

The jab at Bush prompted Ed Morrissey to ask a good question over at Hot Air: “So when will we see the ‘Obama-ism of the Day’ at Slate?”

It’s not like there’s a shortage of material from President Obama. Ed cited two examples, and Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail in West Virginia has tallied at least 64 mistakes in 60 days. Some of those mistakes are speech-related — the kind that happen every time Obama is caught without a Teleprompter or plagued by one that malfunctions; others are unpresidential breeches of common decency that would have generated days of derisive news stories about Bush.

Don’t get your hopes up that Slate or any other mainstream publication will give “The One” a hard time about his gaffes, though. They gave Joe Biden pass after pass for his oratorical faux pas on the campaign trail last fall.

UPDATE: Foreign publications are taking note of the Obama-Biden gaffe administration, even if U.S. news outlets continue to ignore or downplay them. The United Kingdom’s Telegraph has a list of the top 10 gaffes … so far.

UPDATE II: Never fear, Ed Morrissey is here to fill the void left by Weisberg and Slate. He is starting a new feature called “Obamateurism Of The Day.” He beat me to the idea!

UPDATE III: Apparently it’s a popular idea. American Digest has started a similar feature called “Obamanation Of The Day.”

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